Dear Parents,

Into the future unknown

Change has never been as accelerated as it is now. What is technology today is redundant in a few months. If we think today’s world is cutting edge and ‘fast’, we’d better think twice because the social and economic world of tomorrow is going to be nothing like we’ve ever imagined. Can you conjure up the world that is waiting for our children? I’m sure not.

Today, the challenge of bringing up a child has increased tenfold. It’s not just about your child getting the best grades in school anymore or turning out ‘okay’, it’s about raising a global citizen who is intelligent and aware of his situation and that of others.

Just as any major economic or social change has an implication on every aspect of life, globalization and the digital revolution have not only changed the way we work and play but are also changing the way we educate and parent our children. This generation of children needs to be geared to do more right brained tasks that involve creativity, problem solving strategies, communication and emotional capacities. This, in turn, demands a major shift in the way the Indian education system works and what parents deem as important for the child to learn.

The criterion for success has changed. We have moved from a Knowledge Age to the Creative Age. Simply ‘knowing things’ does not serve any purpose. We have Google to perform that task now.

Success tomorrow will depend on how our children ultimately make use of the knowledge and information that they got today. How we educate our children may prove to be more important than what we are educating them. Are we teaching them to tap their innate greatness?

Research on brain science and how positive thinking and being mindful of the subconscious of our children can have far reaching impact on their upbringing and their life ahead drives our schools in their trail blazing path to define life success for our children.

Warm Regards,

Lina Ashar

Founder, KKEL

(Taken from: Who do think you’re kidding: Parenting in the new age of digital revolution and globalization by Lina Ashar)

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