“Thank you for the warm welcome! I felt @ home here. Billabong High Intl is pioneering a forward thinking strategy in education, ensuring that school culture and value to students make them emotionally balanced, respectable and responsible human beings that know themselves, accept themselves & add value in the lives they touch! That… is a global citizen education minded. Namaste. “

– Ms. Sukai Ceesay

“Everyone at Billabong High, Kanpur has made me feel most welcome. It has been interesting to compare the difference in teaching methods here and back in the UK. There has been no shortage of food (!) and, above all else, I now know that memory and love are our true wings.”

– Mr. Malcolm Stewart

“The effort to make this more than just an institution to educate reflects in the students. It was my extreme pleasure to have interacted with the students. They are a wonderful lot!! Also, the administration and facility is just so very helpful and supportive. WE NEED MORE SCHOOLS LIKE THIS ONE!! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure, best of luck.”

– Mr. Amogh Chitkara

“World is a book… people who do not travel only read one page… so keep on travelling… keep on making memories…”

– Team Atlantis

“It is a privilege to visit Billabong School. You have wonderful systems and a very strong staff. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to learn with you. I am looking forward to visiting your school again someday. Remember anything for science”

– Mr. Jim Christensen

“It’s one of the most wonderful schools I have ever visited kudos to the staff and the school leaders who are refining education in today’s world. Awareness, communication, mannerism and a pleasant disposition are hallmarks of an ideal student and well exhibited by students of this school. Keep soaring high.”

– Mr. Sameer Arora

“The city Kanpur needs to be heard! The city needs to develop – it seems to be lost somewhere… Children play an integral role in bringing about the right change – that is exactly what Billabong High seems to be working towards. There is a positive energy in this school that always gives me the hope to see a better city in the near future… this school is definitely a school with a difference…”

– Ms. Rohini Vij

“The school is a blessing to the city. The interaction with the children and teachers clearly gave feeling of a world class education. Wishing Billabong High all the best.”

– Mr. Mukul Khattar

“Judged best school in Uttar Pradesh, Billabong High Kanpur produces not just stellar grades, but also students who fit what employers are looking for these days – initiative, confidence, teamwork and integrity”.

– Ms. Susan Zij‎derveld

“This is a wonderful experience with the staff and students in my visit to school”

– Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty

“A wonderful lot of students – enjoyed the session and hope to see you at AEC.”

– Ms. Heena Hussain

 “Thank you staff & students of this lovely school ~ thoughtful, graceful, beautiful souls!! Pleasure coming here”

– Ms.  Triche Vats (SIM, Singapore)

“One of the most informed, knowledgeable & intellectual students in Kanpur. I am sure all of them have a bright career ahead. God Bless & Good Luck.”

– Mr. Piyush Agarwal (AEC)

“Thank you for being such a receptive audience. The session was highly interactive & indeed a pleasure.”

– Ms. Anjali Agarwal

“The entire organizing team including the volunteers, teachers & all the other OC members were the most courteous & polite people at the conference. I really appreciated how they went out of their way to make sure I had what I needed. The campus was beautifully maintained as well. All in all, I would not have enjoyed the conference as much as I did without your assistance & cooperation. Thank you.”

– Mr. Anand Banerjee, (Chairperson Vidhan Sabha)

“Well, it was our first in Kanpur. Thankfully, it was hosted I the Billabong High International, Kanpur. IIMUN is proud to be associated which such a fabulous institute and, is looking forward to maintain healthy relations with this institute. Also, it was my privilege to be responsible for this conference in the Billabong High. Faithfully.”

– Mr. Priyank Vasani (Director, IIMUN)

“Hi everyone. One word that describes IIMUN Kanpur Chapter, 2015 is “AWESOME”.  Awesome food, awesome campus and most importantly, awesome organizing committee. The delegates performed exquisitely. The level of debating was just excellent. All I want to say is keep debating keep munning and keep rocking. Hope to stay tuned. Thank you guys. Hope to see you soon.”

– Mr. Dhruv Sinha (Chairperson DISEC)

“Very attentive students it was a pleasure to communicate with all the stunts. Very very  informative & appreciative students. Best Wishes.”

– Jaspreet Kaur (Queen Mary University of London)

“It was a pleasure coming to the school and meeting with the students! Thank You for making the session both enjoyable and memorable. All the Best !!!”

“Thank you to all at Billabong High International School. The teachers, pupils and support staff have made us feel welcomed during our stay. The teachers inspire the children to aim high and the pupils are all enthusiastic young people who are keen to learn. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the school community during assemblies and teaching in the classroom. Everyone I met here has made this experience at BHIS wonderful and I will cherish the memories and friends I have made for years to come. Thank you BHIS.”

– Wing-Yen Li, Crossover faculty

“Billabong High International School is an amazing progressive school. Very impressed with the faculty, infrastructure, most important the students. They are sharp and intelligent. Good luck and thank you for everything.”


“It was a great experience interacting with students here. They were very interactive and full of enthusiasm. Thanks Billabong for the opportunity.”

-Vishal Ladha

“There are two remarkable things at Billabong: the students and the campus. I haven’t met such polished and helpful individuals across our journey of Vox Populi. I am sure they will achieve great height sin the future. The school has an extremely beautiful, well maintained and technologically equipped campus to give students the right atmosphere for their learning. Best of luck and keep shining.”

-Saket Bhalotia, Vice President, Vox Populi

“Thank you for inviting us to perform. It was a great experience. See you’ll soon. Thanks for the chocolates.”

-Darsheel Safary, Actor

“I’m extremely delighted to visit and perform at Billabong High International School. We did our 65th show of TWO ADORABLE LOSERS and the students and faculty members made it completely worth it. This was our first show in Kanpur and we are glad it was here. Thank you so much for calling us to your beautiful institution.”

-Abhishek Pattnaik, Co-founder, Out of the Box Production

“I have had an amazing two weeks at Billabong High International School. The students are keen, polite, confident and creative! My sessions with the students were inspiring and rewarding! The teachers and all other staff made us feel very welcome! The teachers are making all efforts to bring out and showcase the amazing talents of the students, both academic and sport, thus pushing Billabong High to new heights! Hope to see this continue!”

-Nesuna Muhara, Highgate UK, Crossover faculty

“I have had an extraordinary time at this amazing school. I am sure that you will go on to great things! I would like to thank the staff and the pupils for their warm welcome and their enthusiasm for all that we have done together.”

– Andrew Tolley, Crossover Faculty

“Schools are supposed to have more than a campus and students today, it is an educating spirit and BHIS has that. I commend Ms. Agarwal for building a fine institution. Kudos!”

– Shreyansh Bhalotia, Founder and President, Vox Populi

“What a great experience!! The atmosphere within the school was brilliant and I found everybody to be very friendly and supportive. I am looking forward to a return visit and cannot thank Billabong High enough. Thank you”

– Alex Snee, UK University Representative

“Its been an amazing experience visiting the school campus. The hospitality right from the main gate is truly amazing and one feels that I should always come back. The progressive nature of the management reflects in the students. Building the future of India. All the best to the school for the coming time! Cheers!”

Manish Rai, Director, F1 in Schools India, Time of Sports.

“Thank you for your tireless work! We love you!”

– Thishin Moodley

“We love Billabong! We are so grateful for your hospitality and help with everything. Thank you so much for everything, and we hope to continue hosting with you here in Kanpur for years to come!”

– Robert Brown

“Billabong was a wonderful host. Thank you for your continued support. Best Wishes.”

– Vishal Verma

“To the awesome Billabong Volunteer Crew – Great Job!”

– Tom Brazee

“You were an excellent host!! Volunteers, you rocked!!”


“Great being here! Look forward to some big picture projects from Billabong High !”

– Suchitra Ohri

“Thank you for welcoming our team. Loved coming in for coaching your students and staff.”

– Syed Branda, USA

“Thank you for having us. It’s great to be here.”

– Cornell College, USA

“The students were so wonderful and welcoming. They listened so attentively to my discussion and showed a great interest in the topic. I know they will go far!”

– Brittney Robinson, International Admissions Coordinator, Truman State University

“The students were well-behaved and paid attention and were curious to know more about education in USA. They had questions about the courses offered by the visiting university. I would like to especially mention that the hospitality & support received was really awesome. Very welcoming. It was great to be here.”

– Sidra Qadri, SimplED

“It was wonderful to interact with such curious children. History is great fun! You should never accept but always question.”

– Dr. Archana Garodia Gupta (author)

“Over the years, it has been a real pleasure and honor to see Billabong school grow and thrive. Warmest thanks to all for having me and the team from Atlantis back again.”

– Sam Gibbs, Australian scientist

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for their efforts. This set of kids are smartest I came across. Keep up the good work. All the best!”

– Team Atlantis

“It has always been a pleasure returning to Billabong every year since 2013 for conducting our programs everytime. I wish the Billabong school all the very best and look forward to long term association with the school.”

– Team Atlantis

“It has always been a very good experience for me as an Educator with this school. I would always love to be a part of Billabong. Thanks to everyone.”

– Team Atlantis