My TEDx Speech @BHISKanpur

Formula 1 competition for designing cars

Testimonial by Mr Oliver Hopwood- crossover faculty

Crossover Faculty- Dyfan Coles

Cycling Marathon

Cycling Marathon part 2

Blue World Amusement Park Fun

Drama Practice

Warming up in the dance practice session

Young Entrepreneurship Programme

Entrepreneurship Programme - Students' Insights 1

Entrepreneurship Programme - Students' Insights 2

Maths Scavenger Hunt

Puppetry Workshop at Kangaroo Kids, Civil Lines

MASK - Imaginary Theatre Workshop

Science Experiments at Kangaroo Kids, Civil Lines

BEHES Tournament

Mask- Imaginary Theatre Workshop glimpses

The Kangaroo Cheers for Team India!

Kangaroo Kids Sports Day

Teacher Training with Learning Management System

Republic Day Celebration 2019

Fun during Animal Circus Parade by Nursery class

Animal Circus Parade by Kangaroo Kids, Civil Lines

Tri Sports Cup - BHIS wins the championship

Winning performance at Dance Talent Show part 4

Winning performance at Dance Talent Show part 3

Winning performance at Dance Talent Show part 2

Winning performance at Dance Talent Show part 1

Puppet theatre in Children's Day celebration

Diwali celebrations at civil lines branch

The LMUN Finale moment in it's full splendor and glory

Musical celebrations at LMUN Grand Finale

Celebrations with music at the LMUN Grand Finale

Our students at Lucknow MUN at La Martinere School

Scholars debate on the Indian currency part 2

Scholars debate on the Indian currency part 1

Scholars challenge: the fastest answer

Scholars Challenge in progress

Welcome and Orientation to World Scholars Cup 2018 at BHIS Kanpur

Dance performance at World Scholars Cup 2018 opening ceremony

Burma bridge crossing

Artificial wall climbing adventure activity at Astrotrek Camp

Water Rocket Launch at Astrotrek Camp, Chail

Robotics workshop

Dussehra and Vijaydashmi celebrations at BHIS Juhi

Morning exercise with Yoga!

Festival Mela with preschoolers

Dance routine by Grade 5 students

The Winners at Zoo Scavenger Hunt

The Drama Practice

6th Grade Culminating with students presenting a play

The Barber's Secret - An Indian folktale comedy

Students presenting their views on Education

Presenting the Motion of Debate to the House

Students understanding Soldering in Robotics class

Demonstration of Soldering during Robotics class

Sports quizzing

The exciting quiz session - we know the answer!

Quiz master inspiring students to be quiz masters

Students warming up for Badminton matches

Preparations for the sports session in full swing

Cricket session @BHIS Sports Mela

Darsheel Safary and Abhishek Pattnaik writing their wishes to the school

Two Adorable Losers- An Out of the Box Production

Darsheel Safary and BHIS Students

BHIS Students interacting with Darsheel Safary

Quiz session with Gaurav Yadav, International Award Winner and Quizmaster

Darsheel Safary and Abhishek Pattnaik on BHIS Kanpur

Dance activity- STEAM Education

Roller soccer at BHIS Sports Mela

Crossover faculty for Chemistry teaching- some excerpts

Taekwondo session - learning martial arts at BHIS Kanpur

Robotics Classroom

An interesting classroom interaction with crossover faculty from UK

Calculus in Crossover flavour ( Maths Teaching)

Crossover faculty for Mathematics teaching at BHIS Kanpur

Crossover faculty for Chemistry teaching at BHIS Kanpur

Jugalbandi Fusion Dance Performance

BHIS Kanpur Performance at Rotract Club Interschool Dance Competition 2017


Bithoor Ganga Mahotsava 2017 Dance Performance- 'Tribhuwan Gamini Gange'

Winning Performance of Billabong High at Rotract Club Dance Competition

Poha Making @ BHIS Kanpur Kitchen

World Scholar's Cup Regional Round hosted by Billabong High International School, Kanpur