The academic curriculum at Billabong High International forms the very core of what the school is about. Of course, we place great value on our extra-curricular activities and we are very proud of our pastoral care, but our chief aim is to encourage each pupil to maximize his or her academic potential at every level.

The fundamental aims of the curriculum are to nurture an ‘enthusiasm for learning’ and equip our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the most of the opportunities they have at school and in life.

Lessons are lively and varied, classroom atmosphere is relaxed open and purposeful. We encourage students to try out their ideas and to be actively involved in discussions, presentations and debates.

As students progress through the school – choice is an increasingly distinctive characteristic of the school’s curriculum – we offer CBSE & IGCSE boards at our school.

AT IGCSE – our students sit for minimum 6 subjects, with Maths and English as compulsory and a variety of other subjects to choose from like the triple sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Environmental Science, ICT, Computer Programming & Art and Design. Students opt for an extended ICE programme, enabling them to pursue subjects of their choices.