21st Century Learners’ Festival


The new academic session had an exciting start with the 21st Century Learners’ Festival. 21st century skills give an extra edge to the personality of students. Experts from the fields of storytelling, mountaineering, puppetry, image consulting and education interacted with the students through various workshops.


Ms. Usha Venkatraman- Storyteller and puppeteer
Ms. Rohini Vij- Storyteller and Educator
Mr. Yogendar Garbiyal- Passionate Mountaineer
Ms. Shruti Ajmani Jain- Soft skills and Image Consultant
Ms. Indu Divya- Storyteller
Mr. Amitabh Pandey- Astronomer, Author and Educator

Covering a range of topics from eco friendly bicycle recycling to interpersonal skills, from interpreting folklores to leadership and teamwork, were conducted in the school.