Health Camp

Health is the state of being completely free from illness or injury. Everyone has a right to accurate and unbiased information about all types of medicines. A key component of this mission is to spread awareness or have regular checkups.

In our school we have annual checkups conducted by a team that comes with many specialists. Some teachers in the school are identified and given training to co-ordinate and assist in the effective implementation of the scheme. 

On entering the multipurpose hall we get our weight and height checked by a general doctor, followed by the dentist who administers advice for all our tooth aches.

We then proceed to meet the next doctor who asks us about our physical problems and other ailments. Then the dietician advises us of a healthy and balanced diet which helps us to be healthy. Finally we go to the eye specialist who checks our vision as we read an alphabet chart. 

The idea of the health camp is extremely beneficial for us. I thank my school for arranging this health camp attended by an experienced team of doctors.

 Vaasvi Agarwal

Grade 6SP