IBT provides a comprehensive assessment of student performance and ability in English, Mathematics and Sciences and provides school, regional and international comparisons.

Test question in the IBT are based on reasoning and thinking skills in each subject area rather than knowledge of particular curriculum content.

Parents will be able to observe and monitor their child’s performance and progress through an independent and internationally accepted assessment tool, and get a clear picture of what their child can and cannot do.

Educational Value: the use of the test would enable following:

  • Establish where each and every pupil’s attainment lies in relation to their level, the average for the class, nationally and internationally.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in students learning and help clarify concepts.
  • Set concrete and realistic attainment targets for students to overcome weaknesses.
  • Measure and compare the progress of individual students, classes and school over time.
  • To act as a basis for remedial action and planning between student and teacher.



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