The excitement for the Delhi trip had already begun, a week before the departure. All the students were very enthusiastic about going on a trip from the school. Some were anxious about venturing alone for the first time; others could be heard talking about the pranks they would play. Finally, the 6th of November arrived. All the 40 students reached the station early that morning. We board the train, we arrived at Delhi in the afternoon.

The four days in Delhi were exhilarating, we woke up early each day and went about seeing the Red Fort, India Gate, Akshardham Temple, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Humayun’s Tomb and the Rohini Amusement Park. Leaving Delhi was melancholic. None of us wanted to depart from Delhi, but we did so reluctantly and after coming back, we told our friends who had been unlucky to miss this trip –What an enthusiastic and amazing experience it had been!

Eunma Rasool

Grade 7 AT


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I’m really glad that Billabong gave us the opportunity to visit Jodhpur – the ‘Blue City’ and Jaisalmer – the “Golden City’. The seven days were great! Each day was packed with Indian history and heritage, culture and outdoor activities. I enjoyed my stay in Jodhpur and was lucky enough to visit the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. Indian cuisines and authentic Rajasthani food was truly mouth watering. We even made time for street food. Bhramann Travels organized a zip line course for us which was unforgettable, we all flew like superman!

Riding the Camels in the desert was bumpy but very entertaining. After that, we tried out dune bashing which wasn’t any less than a rollercoaster ride! At night we went out to star gaze in the desert. It looked very mesmerizing. This trip will always be memorable for me because it gave me a chance to bond with my classmates and teachers and learn about our culture.

I had a great time and I really hope to get a chance to go on more such trips!

Faika Mumtaz

Grade 11 HS


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