Childhood, and to some extent teenage hood, has been seen for a long time as a tension free stage in life, in which one can enjoy oneself to the fullest. Nowadays, that concept has been severely challenged. It is no more jubilance and joy, but insecurity and tension that are instilled in the lives of a teenager. At the core of this tension is future planning. Apart from studies, a teenager spends hours and hours, finding an appropriate college which would help him achieves success. The sour truth though is that most of the time, they find themselves lost. Due to the marvelously designed advert campaigns by expert marketing people, students find themselves opting for a college that may not be the best for them. An assembly conducted in our school by the team of `The Chopras’ gave us the solution to this problem. Having brought with them a representative from the Raffles Millennium International they were capable of imparting knowledge and giving us an exposure which we wouldn’t have been able to attain if we were working on our own. Even after knowing these facts, we end up shoving our way through the monumental number of applications, into an established University such as the Delhi University. Well… That assembly enabled me to learn something precious that I will remember for my entire life. I am sure if we get an exposure to more of these seminars, planning for the future will become a lot easier.

Ishaan Gupta

Grade 10NB