Friendship Day Celebrations


BHIS Kanpur celebrated the Friendship Day with innovative team building activities and games. Students had a wonderful time bonding and celebrating the spirit of friendship.


Friendship day is not only the day when we tie colorful bands on our friends’ wrists and wish each other, but it is one of the happiest days in almost everyone’s life. A quote “Friends are the infinity stones of the real world…” clearly describes friendship.

Friends make us feel secure. They are the people with whom we can share our feelings. A friend is someone we play with, do all the mischief and play pranks. These memories stay in our hearts forever.

This year, we celebrated friendship day in our school. There was an assembly held where students of all grades gathered. We played games and saw videos highlighting the meaning of true friendship. It showed that bonding between true friends is unbreakable. Their presence can make you laugh even in your hard times. They encourage you to take right decisions and to never give up.

Arnav Ravi Singh