Billabong Chess Competition

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Chess is a popular two player strategy board game played by millions of people worldwide. It is a game of concentration and patience. My school is actively involved in promoting chess among the students which has helped the students to improve memory, IQ level and has sharpened their brain. The school has a talented coach to teach chess and involve the students in chess activity and competitions.

To promote chess Billabong was the first school to start a monthly Rapid Inter school Chess competition in the city. Till now 18 such competitions have been held. It was these competitions where I first got the chance to interact and fight against the top most players of the city. The latest of these was 19th Rapid Chess Competition held on 2nd May, 2015, in which 56 students from various schools of the city participated.

It was a great exposure and platform to exhibit our talent. The tournament was conducted in 4 categories-Under 14, Under 12, and Under 10 and for the first time Under 8 category was introduced. This showed the commitment of Billabong to introduce chess to the students at an early age so one day they not only become great chess players but also have good brain development with increase concentration.

These competitions have sharpened my skills and helped me to get winning positions in various district, state and national level tournament.

Kavya Jain
8 RS


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