Vox Populi – 2018-19

Vox Populi

18th and 19th August, 2018

India is a democracy and Freedom of Speech is an integral part of this system. From daily issues to philosophical conversations, we constantly battle in our lives to decide what is right. The two facets of a coin are equally important and only because of the presence of both the facets, we have a proper coin. Debating makes us think, analyse and express.

Debates of varied types are held in a unique form, a form that is of India, by Indians and for the world. Every participating school can send a delegation where students compete in different formats of oratory challenges called the Basic Debate, The JAM, The Responsibility, The National Debate, The Press, The Bilingual Turncoat, The Historic Debate, The Unconventional Debate, The Youth Parliament, The Declamation, The International Debate, and the Financial Symposium.

Bringing about the objectives of Make in India in the field of education, Vox Populi serves to enhance the intellect of the country and the young minds of the nation. The program aims to reach every Indian debater and every prospective Indian debater. We are committed to a vision- a vision of bringing a change, a vision of making India debate and discuss, a vision of giving back to the society and playing our roles as committed citizens.


Dates: 18th and 19th August, 2018