Trip to Planetarium


A planetarium is a place where we learn about many celestial bodies like stars, planets and even satellites. Our school Billabong High International School, Kanpur, organized a trip to the planetarium in Lucknow which helped us immensely in our studies for environmental science because it informs above many planets and other relevant information about the universe. It was 14th of May 2016 that we all assembled in the school, very excited about the trip. We boarded the bus at sharp 9:00 am and during the bus journey our teachers told us that we were going to watch an interesting educational video on the universe and celestial bodies.

On reaching the destination we all realized that the planetarium building is made similar to the shape of a big model of the planet Saturn with many rings. When we entered the planetarium we saw many models of famous satellites like the “APPLE” and “KALPANA” etc. And then we were taken upstairs to the projection room too see the video. We saw many breath – taking videos and learned new facts about celestial bodies like stars, constellations, planets, satellites etc.

 After coming out, all of us had delicious meals at a restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip along with my friends and we are very thankful to our school for giving us this wonderful exposure


Grade 5SG