Digital Learning 2018 – December Issue


An elaborate article on the Billabong High International School, Kanpur has been placed in the December issue of the Digital Learning 2018. We are proud of the impact that BHIS Kanpur is making on the education in Kanpur and the country as a whole.

As Ms. Priti Agarwal, the founder and CEO says, “What distinguishes Billabong is the lack of pretention- a down to earth attitude, an encouraging intellectual curiosity among the students to debate, to question and to really be their own person .We are genuinely committed to being a school for everybody – widening access as far as possible .There is an extraordinary sense of community at Billabong which makes it a very special place to be.We are a school for individuals, where young men and women know their own minds and ones who will go out into the world and really make a difference- so right at the heart of Billabong is the commitment to service in the true sense of the word.It is indeed a remarkable place,”