Remote Learning Provision for the Cantonment School


Dear Parents,

Subject – Remote Learning Provision for the Cantonment School

We are putting in place plans for remote learning in the event that the School might be closed for an extended period. Set out below are our expectations of how we shall proceed.

We have put in place a number of systems to ensure that teaching and learning can take place. We expect that primarily this will be done through Microsoft Teams, but we will have some live lessons and Billabox to ensure learning continues.
Approaches to the way lessons will work will vary depending on the age of the pupil, and also the individual teacher, as would be the case normally. What follows is a guide to how we hope to operate and intend to support students.

Start of the day and Form Teacher time
The school/home day will start by logging in at 9:00 am sharp each working day as per the specified student email id and password created by us. No student can change the password at any given time. Should a student have any difficulty logging in, his or her parents should send an email to

If a student is unwell and unable to take part in lessons for the day, parents are asked to email us before 9:00 am to let us know.

During the school day a modified school timetable will be followed as forwarded; details of this will be shared with pupils. We are looking at four hours of work getting completed and submitted each day. Microsoft Teams will be used as the primary means of delivery.

Teachers will provide feedback based on work produced during lesson-time activities; this may be in real time during the lesson or later in the day. Our expectation for any homework in the evenings is that it will focus on directed reading rather than written work. However, individual teachers will judge what is most appropriate for their lessons.
If there are any problems, the student or their parents should raise them by emailing us in the first instance.
Please see below a copy of the guidance we are giving to teaching staff about academic provision and pastoral care. We felt it would be helpful to share this with parents and students

Academic Provision
Microsoft Teams have been set up to ensure that teachers have been linked in a ‘team’ with each of their year groups.
Teachers will follow the modified timetable each day, ensuring that learning takes place across a breadth of subjects each week.
Teachers may choose to set a sequence of tasks for one lesson, or a single, extended task which might cover several lessons; where the latter is the case, teachers and pupils should log in to Teams at the start of each lesson so that progress can be discussed.
We expect Microsoft Teams to be the primary method of giving feedback on pupils’ work.

Student Engagement
If a student does not engage with lessons or submit work when requested, in the first instance the teacher should contact the pupil through Microsoft Teams or by email. If the lack of engagement persists, the teacher will contact the parents by email, copying in the Form Teacher and Head of Junior Middle or Senior School.

Co-Curricular Provision
The Co-curricular Department will be putting together a programme of activities and training for pupils to ensure that they are staying active and healthy. The Co-curricular teachers will give regular feedback using Microsoft Teams post their timetabled Co-curricular lessons.

The Role of the School
The role of the Coordinator and Heads is to have daily contact with their class on school days, to make sure that their academic work is going well and support them if there are any pastoral issues.
If a student is unwell or has not logged in for Form time at 9:00 am, the coordinator Teacher/ Head should email at
Appropriate Forms of Communication
Currently we are looking at email communication or microsoft team accounts being used for communications with students.

Many Thanks
Mrs. Priti Agarwal
Founder and CEO
Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School