Interview with Darsheel Safary and the team of ‘Kaise Karenge?’


‘It’s so nice to see BHIS Cantt Kanpur giving exposure to the kids to theatre’

Ahead of their visit to the Billabong High International School Cantt Kanpur on December 7, 2019, the cast and crew of the urban Hindi play ‘Kaise Karenge’ speak to us. Excerpts…


1) What was the idea behind the play ‘Kaise Karenge?’ Please take us through its journey.

Suketu Shah: Abhishek and I have been watching some movies related to Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID). DID was always portrayed as a dark subject and is shown as a thriller. We just wanted to show a more real side to it, which is extremely normal and light-hearted and not at all the way it has been shown in Bollywood and Hollywood.

We faced challenges while writing this script, we were also unsure as to how the audience would react to it. But then when we narrated it to ourselves from the 0 minute to the 2hrs, we were convinced that this is a good play and we were set to bring it to stage. Today we have successfully performed this in over 10 cities already.

2) The play has already been showcased at many locations all over India. How has been the response? Any city where you particularly enjoyed performing?

Abhishek Pattnaik: Every show has been memorable. Every time we feel this was the best response, the next one turns out to be better. It’s so pleasing to see so many youngsters connect with our play from across the country. That’s the best feeling.

3) Billabong school has hosted the team of ‘Out of the Box Production’ last year in Kanpur. Is there anything different that we may expect from your visit in December this time?

Abhishek Pattnaik: Oh yes, we are travelling as a team of 9. We see ourselves as a family. Since this play speaks on mental health awareness and how to convert an adversity into strength with humour as an undertone, you can expect a lot of laughs and leave with a positive feeling. How 1 person plays 3 different characters, switching personalities is the USP of this play. We hope to win the love of Kanpur.

4) Please share your experience with Billabong High International School Cantt Kanpur.

Abhishek Pattnaik: Last time we had really enjoyed the campus, especially the field. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to play since it was late evening. We had an amazing interaction with the students and it was so nice to see the school giving exposure to the kids to theatre. We are really looking forward to the visit.

5) After Taare Zameen Par, how was the experience performing in front of a live audience?

Darsheel Safary: It was mind blowing. The fact that I could perform in front of a live audience with live reactions coming from them was a great feeling. It actually helped me as an actor because you get to understand what an audience expects from you and you strive to do that. I also learned as to how we can always adjust our performance according to the type of audience as you can’t really do the same thing in front of different kinds of people.

6) When are we seeing you on the big screen?

Darsheel Safary: There are initial talks going on. Once I get something really cool that the people can relate to as an audience and I can relate to as an actor, I’ll take no time in taking it up.

7) Kanpur is very excited for the play; any special Kanpur moments or Billabong moments you would like to share with the audience?

Darsheel Safary: I remember coming to Kanpur about a year ago and I think it was our first performance there. It was a very different audience and we had to tweak our performance a little and then once they were onboard, I remember watching them enjoying themselves. Once you know your audience is enjoying you have fulfilled your role. It’s one of the nicer memories of the year for me.